PM cheating? fridge repair diagnostic fee?

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Hi, my tenants complained the fridge was not working so my PM got the fridge repair company to get a diagnostic and the total bill is $375. Is this a hefty bill to pay to get told the tenant's fridge not working? Then they told me to buy a $999 25cuft new fridge!

Please advice if you have had this kind of experience? Is this normal? I live in Las Vegas , NV. Thank you

That is way too much for a general diagnostic fee. You should always have a set limit the PM can approve and anything beyond that you have to approve it. 

That's an unreasonable charge in any state. Even if it took two hours to diagnose, the going rate in Vegas is probably less than $90 an hour which would still be half what you paid.

I would definitely contest it or refuse to pay it.

What is the PM spend limit?  I can only spend up to $200 of my owner's money and then I have to get approval.  And even then, I am still inform them of an issue if I think there is potential it can get expensive.  I would look at the contract you signed.  There is likely a markup on what the repair company is charging. 

Sounds more like the estimate to fix it. Should be $60-$90 which is waived if you fix it. 
There’s just some confusion somewhere. 
This can be confirmed by asking what the estimate for repair is? I’ve had repair shops tell me I’m better off not fixing something but never say can’t fix it. 

@Beatty Jo

Hi Beatty,

If the PM had to drive over and unlock the door because the resident was not at home, wait for the repair man to show up (late?), and then wait while he did the fridge checkup to re-lock the residents door, you may have been charged a fee for the PM's time as well as they fridge checkup....

Take a look at your management contract.

Good Luck!

PMs are in the business to make money.  Nothing wrong with that at all, just have to know what their incentives are.

I worked for a PM and we charged the owners and tenants whatever we could get away with in the market (LEGALLY).  One of the cash-cows was a mark-up on repairs.  Although, this markup for a diagnosis seems downright crazy.

I'd definitely raise a stink with my PM about the cost.  Let him know you'll be shopping for another PM as soon as possible and I'll bet you'll get a "let me see what I can do".