tools that bigger pockets offers

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So I have my first investment property. Im looking at using some software to help manage and collect rent. Im in a position financially so that I can start buying deals if they make sense. So I'm looking to scale up. I know people talk about the market crashing soon and say not to buy properties now but I still believe I can buy some and scale up reasonably if done correctly. I market pretty efficiently as a wholesaler so I come across good deals. Im just trying to figure out if I should use cozy or landlord studio. Does any one prefer one over the other?

I have only used Cozy and am happy with it.  I used it to have the renters apply if they wanted, but the applications could also go through Zillow and every single person choose Zillow because the background check was a lot cheaper.  But they do pay through Cozy fine.  Some got 'smart' and set their payment for auto pay at 4/5 days after the due date, just to pay right before they have to pay a late fee, but with in the state allowed grace period.  With Cozy's hold I get all the rent around the tenth or so. or TenantCloud or RentTec are some of the most popular options. What works for one person may not fit the needs of another. Sign up for several different systems, run them through the wringer, and see which one you prefer.