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Hello everyone,

My PM charged me $290 for replacement of a cartridge on a tub faucet. Does $290 not sound like I was way over charged? I mean how expensive are parts and labor? Sometimes I think about trying to manage my own properties from long distance. Thoughts?

@Aaron K.

Well my parents live in that area so wouldn’t be too difficult...Thats just one too many repairs my PM has charged me a ridiculous amount for. He’s also suppose to call me for any charges above $200 and never did.


I told my PM to send me an invoice for the repairs and has yet to do so. He never mentioned any walls being replaced or anything else, just cartridge. He also is suppose to inform me, per lease agreement, any services over $200. That faucet was replaced prior to property being rented out. I just don’t understand where the $290 came from. He also said that the repairs that were done prior to property being rented out may have not used quality parts that they used which I think is total bs...it’s a tub faucet, how much more expensive can they get?!!!

@John Thedford they don’t have an up charge, I’ve had many things repaired and this seems like the simplest repair at the most absurd amount. They said faucet was continuing to leak and had to change cartridge. Even if this was an emergency and needed to be fixed right away, which it wasn’t, it still wouldn’t cost $290.

Depends on the area I guess. A Delta cartridge is in the $40-50 range. If the plumber has 2 hours in the job that could be $140 labor plus a trip charge, plus the PM charge. Still $290 is somewhat high. My son-in law plumber would have charged the part to my account and a minimum $98 for the service call. Around $150 But you may be in a high price area.

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@Aaron K.

Well my parents live in that area so wouldn’t be too difficult...Thats just one too many repairs my PM has charged me a ridiculous amount for. He’s also suppose to call me for any charges above $200 and never did.

If this isn't the first time they've done that and your contract states they need to check with you for repairs over $200, I think it is time you talked to them.  If they do it again, find another PM.


@Arlan Potter that $290 was seperate form the Pm fee...the PM fee is $102. Not sure what type of cartridge it was. Waiting for invoices to come through. pM should have sent them first thing I shouldn’t be asking for them

A property management company looks out for their own self interests first . They need to make a profit . And that money comes from their customers (you) . 

@Nadir M.

I would verify if there is an up charge, and also make sure you get a copy of an invoice. I have a PM company and I upload the invoice when I cut the check so the owner can also see it. A charge that high, and I am already communicating with them. Because he didn’t inform you of the charge as the contract states for repairs over $200, sounds like a breach of contract. Maybe time to sit down and have a chat with the PM.

@Nadir M. , if you are ina major city, get a home warranty.  The prices are around $450 a year, $50+ for callout fees and no PM up charge.  ;-)

Few factors to consider too... is it tile? Surround insert? Did the PM have to break open tile to get to a potentially rusted out cartridge, replace and retile/re-drywall? I would hope the work wouldn't be that extensive, but you never know. If it's a simple replace then yes you got ripped. 

4 hours at double minimum wage is my usual reference for starting point labour wise... add material and see where that brings you price wise. 

Best of luck!

@Dylan Earl I’m going to wait to see invoice and see what all this plumber did. It’s a single valve faucet so it only requires one cartridge I think...nothing about ripping drywall etc was mentioned either.

@Nadir M.

1. Do you’re own research on expected cost. If it is considerably less normally, get details on why it was so much more and how the PM can work to keep costs down.

2. You said any repairs over $200 must be cleared by you according to your agreement. This was not, and I would not consider a dripping sink an emergency. Urgent, but no emergency. He hasn’t done this. This is a clear breach of contract. Do a review of the contract and expectations.

3. You said this isn’t the first time. Use the other instances as examples, and explain the repercussions of a breach of contract (what you are going to do if this continues to be an issue)

He may or may not realize what is the matter, but by having a conversation you then know he knows there are issues and it gives him opportunity to fix them