Rental Market in Mount Holly NJ

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Looking for information on the rental market in Mount Holly, NJ. What is the tenant pool like? How does Mount Holly Twp deal with rental property investors? Strict on requirements on inspections C/Os, registrations, etc?

Any info/experience is appreciated!


@Daniel Kent I own a rental in Mt Holly and have been encouraging some investors that I know to invest in the rental market as well. I also personally live in the town and love it. Mt Holly is an up and coming area. The main St (High St) has been very healthy- has a brewery, wine tasting, restaurants, bars, etc. There are lots of events held in town which is also pretty cool. Investors are scooping up properties for super cheap (deal we just got under contract went for under $40k with an ARV of 140k+).

There is also a very healthy rental market- I believe this is because of the towns location (close proximity to all major roads and also not far from the Ft. McQuire Base).  The school district is also decent- which is also a great feature for a rental. 

As far as dealing with the Twp- I have had all positive experiences.  Most townships in the area have pretty strict rental requirements with their inspections and fees- I don't feel that Mt Holly is any stricter. 

Keep in mind- with a lot of areas, there are the "pockets" that are better and ones that aren't as desirable.  Overall, its a nice town.  

Would love to talk more over a coffee and share my experiences with you. 

Best of Luck!