Property managers! Where do you feel you are missing out in biz?

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Checked out my local Property Management companies in Chicago area - boy, it's a mess, no online presence for pretty much every company I analyzed. 

Property management folks, what are your pain points here? Where do you think you're missing out on opportunities?

I'm working on the new agency, we're going be helping out PM companies finding new clients and growing your online presence, but we need to know where does it hurt the most?

Leave your comments, let's make some $ in 2020 

@Ian Dikhtiar - Definitely finding new clients and keeping your supply of well-qualified professionals are the biggest challenges I face.  It seems like good handymen only stay around for so long.  What are you doing specifically to help grow your client's online presence?   

@Jonathan Klemm interesting, thanks for the input. 

>What are you doing specifically to help grow your client's online presence?
Well, that will depend on the needs of a client. I am still going through a research stage and looking for those gaps in the business property managers have. 

From what I noticed - only a handful of companies in my area I found to have a good website, well-managed social media accounts, and conversion-optimized strategies. I spoke to several people and the most common response I heard when asked how they acquire new clients was "through referrals".

As a landlord myself, I was never properly introduced to property management, and how I could take advantage of those services, and I personally know a couple of people who would greatly benefit from delegating most of the RE day-to-day problems to a third party, while they focus on more important things in their businesses.

I can definitely see the potential of helping property managers and management companies getting their ads right (PPC and display), getting their leads coming consistently with targeted traffic and optimized landing pages, getting their SEO right, build brands through storytelling and much much more.

I really like the feedback regarding having a good handymen available at all times, it looks like another angle that we could think about and find a solution for.

May I ask you a couple of direct questions @Jonathan Klemm? 

1. How much does one lead cost you and how much long-term value you are getting from one lead?

2. Who is your ideal client? (individual investors, large companies, commercial RE, etc). Who makes you the most money for the least work?

3. How do you acquire those clients? 

4. Where do you think you are missing out on opportunities, where if you pushed a bit - you could capture more businesses?

5. What in your business you would like to outsource and never deal with again?

Let's crack this!

I would say the biggest challenge is continuing to find new property leads for my current clients. They want to have new properties at their fingertips at all times.