Accessing equity in my rental property to purchase more

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Hello BP family! I have 3 cash flowing rental properties with a substantial amount of equity available($140K between the 3) for me to tap into to purchase additional income properties. My question is how do I do so and or what options are available to me to acquire more properties utilizing this available equity?

Thanks - The rebooted Investor!

Do you own those free and clear or is there a mortgage on any of them? If you own them free and clear then you can get a mortgage on one or more of them. Best option will be talking to a local small bank that keeps their loans in-house instead of selling them off. Another option is getting a HELOC. Some small banks will do a HELOC on rentals up to about 75% of appraised value. You will need to call around to check. However, most banks won't do a HELOC (or second mortgage) if a different bank has the first mortgage. If you are starting from scratch or paying off an existing mortgage you could consider a combination of a mortgage and HELOC (again with the total limit around 75% of value). The HELOC can be good if you will use the funds sporadically so you are not paying interest when you don't need the funds.