Potential renter seeking advice from landlords!

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Hello, must have done something wrong as my text didn't show! We are looking to rent a house, applied last Sunday (1.5 weeks ago), heard back the next day saying they received an application before ours and that we are currently the back-up. I emailed the agent on wednesday asking for an update before the holiday and was told they are waiting to hear back from the owner. I called yesterday afternoon to touch base and received the same response. How should I proceed? I feel like I emailed once and called once so I don't want to be irritating! When should I reach out again if I still see the property listed? I haven't rented in forever but this feels like it taking longer than it should. Thanks again for any help!

a week and a half ... I don’t know if you were really a strong candidate they would have likely already picked you . Maybe it’s time to keep applying at other rentals . 

Thanks for all the help, continuing to look for other options is currently the plan, we are keeping our eyes out! It definitely seems weird, according to the agent who's with the management company, they haven't even reviewed our application and are still working on the first applicant that applied. I believe we are a very strong candidate actually and far exceed the criteria to rent the house which is making it frustrating. 

When my son saw an apartment that he really wanted, I told him to run to the rental office (which happened to be the owner's other place of business), dressed in a suit and tie, with copies of references, credit history, rental history, checkbook, copy of his license, paystubs - basically anything they might want, and fill out the application right then and there, and hand it in.   He wasn't the first applicant, but he got it.  

If they'd wanted you, they would have given it to you already.  Keep looking, and be ready like my son was.  Business attire helps.

I would guess that you are their last resort candidate. If they had another qualified candidate 10 days ago, they would have locked them up by now. No reason to allow the candidate to drag out the signing. I suspect that you met their criteria, but they'd prefer to have someone else for some reason. However, if no one better comes forward within a few days, they will begrudgingly accept you. 

Definitely don't just rely on yourself being the backup option as your primary option to rent a house. Make sure you have backups so that in the case that you do lose out on this one, you aren't scrambling to find another one.

I think if you're considered as a backup that means you're a very likable candidate at least and just make sure that if they do get back to you with anything, to always reply promptly and be informative. Don't have them constantly having to ask questions to get an answer and show that you're going to be a great tenant that cares about their home and show that you care about it like it's yours. 

It's tough to say as we don't know the landlords processes.  But if you have waited this long I would start applying to other places.  Thinking back to when I was applying to places to rent.  They all got back to me in under a week.  Don't be discouraged. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.  But you are the backup if their other renter decides not to go there.

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