part time resident not paying rent or on the lease

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The applicant's son has a girlfriend fiancee with his baby. She & baby lives with her mother but might be spending weekends at my rental with her fiance. She will not be on the lease. Supposedly they are getting married (unknown date). It looks to me like a STR which rates are around $40 per nite around here. She will cause more use of sewer line, plumbing, new kitchen, cleaning etc. without contributing to rent. I feel like I should up the rent so I dont have to monitor whether she is there or not i have no time for that. They are in early 20s so probably have a lot of "stuff" that makes a room look messy. He has a job. Plus half the house has a brand new wall to wall carpet. What do you all do about free riders?

By the way a BIG thank you for all your straight and helpful responses!!!!! Everything makes good sense!

If he has a lease, forget it. Unless you want to try to make the case in court that she was there full time with no other residence, you are fighting a losing battle. If it's a monthly lease and you feel comfortable finding another tenant, give them their notice. Otherwise, using "more of sewer line and plumbing" will just make you look ridiculous if you ever have to go to court. A good quality plumbing system can last 50 years or more regardless of how many flushes went down the drain or glasses of water came out of the tap. 

Most leases have a guest clause that allows someone to stay in the property as long as they do not stay for 10 consecutive days. One more person for two days a week is going to have zero effect on the sewer, and STR rates are irrelevant. You don't have to monitor the tenant all the time, it will be clear if someone is living there full time. In my opinion you are getting way to deep into your tenant's business.