Replacing Appliances in Single Fam Rental

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When a tenant reports a stove that has stopped working, is it best to send a repair person or replace? If replacing, do you buy brand new and let the store deliver for you? I’m trying to get away from buying used and using my time to deliver and setup. I need a better system.

I think it's worth trying to repair, @Aaron Peterson , unless it's really outdated or already in terrible condition. It's worth considering a repair service out of a local appliance store. That way, if you pay for an estimate or repair and it doesn't work out they may be willing to apply that cost to a new unit.

There are a lot of landlords here that prefer to buy new and let the store deliver and setup. Reading your post it sounds like your leaning that direction already.

You might find a used appliance store to do delivery and setup, but if your buying off Craig's List or Facebook Marketplace, you will have to acquire, deliver and setup, or get your handyman to do it for you.

I'm not rich enough yet purchase new etc. I buy used; a few years old and have a handyman do the legwork.

New: $750.00 - $2000
Used: $150 - $500
Handman - Priceless!

We get them scratch & dent with a 5 yr warranty which we have used several times. We have a great appliance repair guy who maintains them under & out of warranty. If the repair is too high or the part(s) ETA is too long (Samsung 2 months) we just install one in stock or buy another. I have a couple of new stoves & a WD set in the pole barn ready to go.

@Aaron Peterson I always send a handyman or myself to check it out first. Easily 75% of the time it’s something silly that they should have figured out. I’d much rather catch that before a $95 service call - regardless who’s paying it.

@Aaron Peterson

You’d have to describe why it’s not working first. Heck, it could be a tripped breaker. Btw; my new stove in my own house only cost about $550. Who’s the dude that said up to $2,000?!

$750-2000 for a new stove?

Not sure what kind of stove you are buying for your rentals, but I don't pay anywhere near that for new stuff

@Aaron Peterson . I typically try to repair them appliances can be expensive and I do appliance repair myself so to someone it may be a huge deal but to me new heating element or new stove eye repair will save you money in the long run especially around property tax time

@Aaron Peterson We used to buy used but quit for the same reason. It is just a pita for the savings. And on stoves we pay up for self cleaning. Stoves last a long time.