Any landlords out there? Tenant smells gas, wyd?

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My wife and I are renting, we have a 4 month old, and just recently have started running the heater out here in California. We smelled gas, turned it off. Tried again later, still smelled gas, called our landlord who’s sketchy boyfriend does all the handyman work and repairs. He came out and waved a detector in front of the vents and said you’re okay. Turned heater on again after he left, still smelled gas, wife called gas company, they came out and fixed some other things and said they can’t repair a few of the things due to liability , now our landlord is upset and has to have a third party come out to fix. How is this our fault? We will do all that is necessary to take care of our family.

if you're landlords boyfriend isn't a licensed plumbing heating contractor you should call the dept of consumer affairs if you really want to make a fuss because in most codes you need to be a licensed contractor to work on a property not occupied by the owner.  

Other than that you absolutely had the right to call the gas company. If your landlord doesn't address the problem properly you should look for a better place to rent. Also get you should get your blood tested for carbon monoxide. if it's forced hot air and you smell gas in the whole house it could be flue gas in vents. 

You aren’t in the wrong here. You gave the landlord a chance to remedy this before you called the gas company which I think is fair on your part. They decided to take the cheap way out by sending the boyfriend over. Will the gas company being involved cost them more money? Absolutely, but that isn’t your problem quite frankly. 

Due to the safety issues, I know the gas company around here doesn't even charge you for them to come out investigate the cause of the leak.

I’m a landlord and i happen to work for the gas company...If any renter in a property smells gas they should call the gas company and/or 911. The gas company is responsible only to make safe. Life and Property are the main concerns for us. We make it safe by turning off gas to the specific appliance that has the leak or the entire property if we cannot isolate the leak source with an appliance valve. After that the owner of the property is responsible for making a repair before the gas can be turned back on. We as a gas company do not work on the appliances due to liability. We do not charge to respond for leak investigations.