Single Family House Hacking: what do do with utilities

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Hey everyone.  I'm currently finishing setting up a single family home house hack.  I'm living in the basement, and renting out the 1st floor rooms individually.  I was wondering, for others in my situation, how do you handle utilities?  Do you increase the rent and have "utilities included" in each room rental's price, or do you split utilities between all residents?

I can see pros and cons to either, wondering your personal experience!

Thank you

Yes. Do utilities included is generally the easiest. Unless you want to split the bill evenly among all of you (including yourself) if your space is comparable. But it is always going to be an argument that you are using more then they are. So it is likely easier to just have it included. Then you don't have to try to track them down for another payment every month along with the rent. 

I just have the tenant pay rent and I pay all of the utilities. I was renting out 3 bedrooms and now all four. A lot easier to just handle the utilities on your own instead of splitting the bills 4 ways.