Tenant gifts Christmas

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Originally posted by @Jeff Willis :

Never. It is a business relationship, not a personal relationship. I agree with @Theresa Harris

True, but holiday gifts are often given in business relationships.  Especially from a vendor(s) to their customer(s).  I have received many gifts in my various W-2 jobs, over the years.  For holidays and otherwise.  Some of them just for me, some of them for the whole office.

I personally don't give holiday/birthday/annual gifts to my tenants.  HOWEVER, for a good tenant, I will give a gift for an especially special event.  Like a college graduation, birth of a baby, wedding...and, sadder reasons, flowers if a loved one has passed.

In fact, when my husband and I got married, the tenants who lived on the other side of our personal duplex gave us a wine basket as a wedding gift.  I wouldn't quite go so far as to have called them friends.  But we did always have a really positive and friendly relationship.  At any rate, I was surprised they gave us a gift and was touched by their thoughtfulness.

Never. It's a business relationship and you muddy the waters when you treat it otherwise. Do you get a gift from your mortgage lender, insurer, bank, or other business? Typically, the only ones giving gifts are the ones trying to entice you to spend more money at their business.

While nice, it's not very professional. And if things go bad, they will not remember your gift or nice gestures anyway. Keep it at a general holiday card and send the same card to all tenants. Do not treat any tenant differently.

I can assure of four things 

  1. They will not appreciate it 
  2. They will expect it next year again 
  3. It is not scalable if you have a bunch of doors 
  4. It will get expensive and time consuming 

We are business owners we are trying to reduce expenses not increase them ! Geez this is counter productive! Look I hate to say it but  These people will screw you over Use you lie to you or manipulate the second they think they can get ahead and you folks want to reward them for simply doing what they agreed to do anyway 

I certainly see people's ideas as not to mix the relationship or spend useless time. But I sometimes will improve my property around the holiday season so that the tenant feels appreciated but it also increases my property's value. 

@Steve Kenoyer

I have given my tenants (all renting good SFRs) gift cards at Christmas in the past. I thought it might build goodwill and reputation as I built my business. I really haven't seen much ROI from it.

Then today I got an e-mail from a tenant that literally thanked us for the gift card and told us they were BREAKING THEIR LEASE in the same e-mail!

Needless to say, we will be rethinking the gift card plan for next year. :)

My daughter did the same with $20 gift cards for all & NOT a single response. So I suggested this year she should send them all this card ....

Based on my previous review of these threads it roughly breaks down to-

SFH Hobbyist: $25-50 gift card, welcome basket and forgiveness of late rent/non-payment of utility... Ultimate results in feeling of betrayal and anger...Buying opportunity...

MF Landlords: Let's fulfill our duties and obligations under the lease and we will all have a wonderful Christmas (or at least a better Christmas then if we don't). No, the tenant is not my customer, they are a tenant and they have a whole slew of protections that a customer does not have. I am here to make money, not minimize my losses in the hopes of appreciation. (AKA a donation to the human fund in my tenants name)