automatic rent deposits

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I run my rentals through Cozy. Automatic rent collection, late fee collection, and direct deposit to my business account. Additionally, I have my mortgage on auto pay as well so my rentals are running on auto pilot until maintenance/repairs are needed. 

I use for background checks and collecting rent. I don't use the other features they offer (application, maintenance requests, document sharing, listing syndication). I wrote a detailed post about it here:

Disclaimer: I only have one property so far. I am not affiliated with any sites mentioned.

As others have said, we use Cozy. It makes things very efficient and syncs well with other platforms (Stessa, etc.). It can simplify things if you have residents who pay their rent in pieces. As long as they are current by the 5th, no late fee. And if they aren't, late fees are applied automatically. 

We require that all new residents sign up and use it for the screening process as well. 

I use Quickbooks Online, although TenantCloud offers rent collection as well.  I like Quickbooks Online, as I use it for accounting, and it allows tenants to input account and routing information without having to signup for anything additional.  It also supports automatic withdrawal if they want rent payments on auto pay.  I believe TenantCloud offers this automation as well now, but I think it still requires the Tenant to sign up for Dwolla or similar.