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Hello all,
I am currently in escrow for a duplex in CA that has 2 distinctive street numbers but during escrow, it is only showing one street number in title. I asked the real estate agent, and she said that this is normal because the purchase is based on the land parcel. As long as the second unit is on the parcel although the street number is not listed, then it is still ok. I want to know if this is really normal and should I be worried? What kind of documentation I should ask as proof to show that I am really purchasing the duplex not a single family home for the price?

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Contact the city Planning and Zoning. They can verify the legitimacy of the units and the correct addresses.

Here in NY, it's also based on the parcel. Your problem is not unusual. Planning and zoning should have records and C/O showing it's a duplex.

I've been looking into the transfer of title for various properties, many of them commercial. In commercial, a large building is built, taking up several parcels, the reverse of your issue. In the transfer, the various parcels are noted on the deed, but after the building is completed, it only has one numerical address.

In fact, there's one small shopping strip where the developer bought several adjoining lots. These lots together is one city block long. When completed, the strip had about six stores, which didn't correspond to the number of parcels, like 4 parcels to six stores. The stores on the strip all had the same numerical address, but each had an A,B,C,D suffix after it.

Then there were many houses in my neighborhood built on 2 parcels in the 1920's where I check the zoning maps. Some straddle the parcels and had one address. Because land got so expensive they now tear the old house down, and build two houses. But the original house has only one address number, but when they transfer title it's two parcels.

The investor next store to my rental has an unusual problem. His property is two attached triplexes built on 2 adjoining parcels and each triplex has it's own address number. The problem is the attachment is not on the property line of the two parcels, more of the combined building is on the left side. So he has two parcels and two addresses, but he had to buy it that way and sell it that way. The idea is each parcel should have it's own address, he checked into it, for purposes of zoning, he cannot change the property line. But he would like to sell each unit separately some day, and scratching his head as to how to do it.

The parcel number can be found on the tax bill and in the survey description.  Look into the description for the parcel # on your tax map for the town and on the title.  There should be a clear description of the lot and boundaries that corresponds to the purchased property in the title documents.   When the survey is done both buildings would be indicated on the map of that parcel.  So you are buying the parcel number not a street address. 

Thank you all for responding.  This is so helpful!  However, I just realized another issue from reading the Title Report, the map that was attached to the title report has a different number than the actual address.  For example, there are two units, and they 287 and 289, but on the map of the title report it shows 285-7.  I questioned the Title Company, and they are looking into it.  Should I be concerned?

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You have to be sure they did the survey and are delivering title to the right property so if the parcel number is incorrect for what you are purchasing that needs to be resolved. Street addresses not such an issue but here parcel id needs to be right. So if the house is # 1 and # 2 on parcel 182 and on the map the house is right but it is labeled #7 and #2 not such an issue.  Wrong description, wrong map, wrong parcel # that is an issue.   Definitely talk with the title company.