Homeowner Insurance rates going up in Texas?

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Hello everyone!I hope all are doing great in your investments! My son turns 2 months old today and hes such a blessing we are going to celebrate later tonight when his mommy gets back from work:). I just logged in to my wellsfargo to view my rental property escrow activity and my insurance has gone up from $800 last year to $950! I am not too familiar with insurance companies and have had trouble with them messing things up "not sending a refund and cancelling my policy after sending them a written cancellation". I just called Farmers Insurance and asked them why such a big increase. From what the rep told me, Texas has been one of the states affected because of the weather and all rates are going up across the state.
Can someone recommend a good insurance company that can protect me as a landlord for a good yearly premium and also let me know which coverages you use in your rentals. Thanks in advance

You will have to shop around. I priced HO insurance last month for one of my properties and the cheapest was $714 and most expensive $1508 for the exact same coverage levels. I was with Farm Bureau at $1062 and switched to Progressive ($714).

I have to agree with @Josh R. on shopping around. I think we have 3 or 4 different companies that we get rates from in the Dallas area and I will get those companies names and reply back to you on here. All I know is that insurance in Texas is between 2 and 3x what the rates are in Memphis. Not really sure why, but it is one of those hidden expenses that can drastically effect the performance of your properties.

You are smart to be keeping a close eye on it every year.

I just had a lenghty but informative conversation with my agent and he assures me that Farmers is only one of the few insurers avoiding raising premiums. It seems that the agent that wrote my policy could have better protected me for less than a dollar per month! My agent told me that I could add "replacement cost" for $10 a year and be better covered. Thanks Josh I will call progressive to get a quote and call at least 3 others. Chris thanks I will be waiting for the names...

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