Section 8 in NJ / Service Dogs

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Hey everyone,

Looking for some guidance here as I’m dealing with only my second turnover.

One prospect asked if I accept Section 8. It’s my understanding that it’s illegal in NJ to deny someone using Section 8. However, even with the assistance she still doesn’t meet my income requirement of 3x rent. Am I able to deny her based on that?

Another prospect has one service dog, and another puppy which is “to be trained” as a service dog. Generally I’ve been asking a pet fee, and only accepting certain breeds. I know for the one service dog I cannot deny or charge fee, but what about the puppy that is to be trained as one?

Thanks for your help!

People who have service dogs generally don't raise or train service dogs (the cost of which can run $50K, all in).

Sounds like a fake ESA - and even then, raising one would not qualify (and if they had a valid ESA, it would cover ONE pet, with letter from doctor, which explains their medical need).