Recommendations to resolve requirement to remove spouse from loan

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Hello, thanks for taking a look. I began picking up a few rental properties in 2013 and still hold them, but unfortunately haven't done much since other than ensuring the properties are maintained regularly. I'm looking for some advice, mainly on one property that I obtained a joint loan with my ex-wife on. I've listed some other details about the other properties in case anyone has overall advice they would like to share. 

All these homes are in southeast Georgia, all center townhouses in an HOA community where a monthly fee I pay covers pressure washing, lawn care and access to some neighborhood amenities. I live out of state and all are under 10% of rent management agreements. All rent in generally three weeks, sometimes less with no major issues, B class neighborhoods with no issues.

Property 1: obtained December 2013 with 5% down, 30 years at 4.5%. Original loan balance around 73k, now at 65k. Current rent is $1195 a month, townhouse built in 2006. This home rents fairly quick, some repairs each year around $5-600 on average. Current valuation: approx 113k based on similar home sales recently. $100 HOA fee monthly and $1900 annual prop tax plus there is about $40 in PMI monthly.

This is the home I obtained jointly with my ex-wife. She filed a quit claim deed and gave me four years to remove her from the loan. Mortgage company said I can only assume if the home is my primary or a second home (no rental income) and even still would cost about 2-2.5k in costs to assume. Refinancing it would incur all the closing costs. I have the cash to pay this home off (sadly..... should put it to better use, but knew this expense would come up).

Property 2: Obtained March 2013. 20% down, inv. home from beginning. 3.5% 15 year loan, original purchase price was 115, loan of 92,000 now at around 55k. Currently rents at $1250, built in 06. Same as property 1 in avg. repair costs, but $77 HOA fee. Typically this home can take up to a month to rent. $1650 annual prop taxes.

Property 3: Newly built in Nov. 2012, 0 down VA loan, 3.25% at 30 years, purchase at 122,400. currently around 105k balance. very minimal repairs on this home, have also not had to repaint (it has flat paint too and is on the third tenant) and no carpet changes either. Well managed. $77 hoa fee monthly and $1600 annual property taxes, usually rents faster than two weeks.

Overall details: Rents on-par in the two neighborhoods these homes are in and couldn't be supported higher. Not as extreme weather conditions in SE Georgia as may be in other areas, so maintenance issues have not been as significant. 

Mainly looking for advice on property 1, but listed the other homes in case there are recommendations that incorporate using any equity from them or recommendations in regards to these as well.

Thank you.