Should property managers respond to public ratings?

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Is there any good reason that property managers should respond to public ratings on .e.g. google? As I've been researching PMs some of the better ones that I've seen have higher ratings and tend to respond to most of the ratings.

I've asked a few PMs about this - I hear a lot of people say that if you're doing your job right you're going to get bad reviews, because tenants won't be happy about you enforcing the letter of the law.

I get that, and I know tenants can write some crazy (and not true) things, but I still don't see why a PM wouldn't still respond to the ratings? Sure it takes a bit of time but even if you did them in bulk on a weekly basis it couldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes a week.

Curious what others' thoughts are on this.

You should respond to the Google reviews, for a few different reasons. 

To clarify lies. As you said, some people may lie and leave a bad reviews. Responding to the negative comments can clarify the comment (or at least give the opportunity for the readers to make a better decision.) 

To get a better spot on Google. From what I heards, responding to Google reviews will give you a better spot on Google search.

Even for positive reviews, write nice responses, so that people reading the reviews will know more about your company and who you are.

I would say you should respond to every review you can. Google often changes their algorithms, but reviews and comments still drive you up to search list. Also, when people look at your company, you want them to see that you are active and respectful when you deal with clients. 

I think all businesses in general on Google, Yelp, Angie's List, etc. should respond to all negative ratings. It shows they take pride in their business and want to improve.

I've seen a business respond to a negative review stating something like, "Sorry you had this experience with us. We want to make certain it never happens again so please e-mail us at (e-mail address) so we can get some more information from you). 

The above is much more impressive than a business owner/manager/customer service rep who simply ignores the review. 

A business that at least tries to improve/come to a solution with a customer (whether a legit complaint or something that's picky or straight up not true) is a positive.