🎥Man, 93 Year Old, shoots property manager over water damage

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Not something I would spend too much time worrying about. Otherwise it would be difficult to just get up in the morning and live your life. 

What I don't get watching the video is why the employee that left from behind him didn't just smash him flat and grab the gun? She was big enough, that's for sure, to grab that little old man. He barely was paying attention. 

Heavily invested in real estate & then retiring in '98 I eliminated my biggest danger to life ... traveling 2 hours to/from a JOB in crazy traffic every day. 

You are more likely to be eaten by a shark or have a meteor fall on your head while watching jeopardy on the couch ..than be shot by a 93 yr old man angry about water . Certainly nothing I’d be worried about or lose sleep over

If someone comes into your office with a weapon, don't just sit in a chair and debate gun control with him--LEAVE IMMEDIATELY as fast as you can (!!!)

I'll bet they fixed the water damage though.

He'll be like 105 when he gets out.. then someone will come here and post a "would you rent to this person" thread.. 

Edit - to be fair, he STILL might be a better pick than some of the folks described in those threads 😂

If that was my company, I'm firing the secretary that left. He allows her to leave, while she is behind him he is not looking at her and he has the gun pointed at the floor. The guy is 93. Take him out. Bear hug him and body slam him into the floor. Push him hard from behind. Offer him a hard caramel candy. Jump on his back. He's 93!