Texas property line disputes

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I bought a house with extra land on the hud statement. Hud statement has 3 different lots sold to myself. I was doing some research on Hcad and one of the lots is being taxed to the previous owner who sold me that house with extra land. This piece of land is a corner lot and it clearly shows on the survey being a part of land included in the sale. So Harris county is still sending a separate tax bill to the previous owner and I wanted to know if I have to pay a lawyer to get this straightened out or is it something I can do by calling the title company and HCAD.

I closed on the property last year so there is no adverse claims on the lot in question. The property is in Harris county Crosby Texas.. so bing a old country area all the property lines are very unorthodox

41j-14 -0384 

Legal description 

41j-14 has a tax bill going to the previous owner

0384 is the same lot as 41j-14 and is on the hud statement being sold to me last year. 
The survey has it outlined as property being sold to me. If I remember correctly it was also stated on the assignment contract that piece of land was included. 

What does the Deed say ? The HUD statement is somewhat irrelevant

Title insurance will only cover this if you obtained a survey or you were provided a survey that was accepted by the underwriter. The title insurance would also cover a mistake on the deed but not a boundary dispute

An issue with the appraisal district can be corrected although I had one this year and it took 4-5 months to correct

As @Greg H. asked.....is it included on the Deed, that is what matters.

If not, the title company needs to fix it, assuming it was included in your purchase contract. 
If it was included in your deed, just contact the taxing entity, they just missed it. 

@John Ho , Greg & Wayne have it right. Check the deed. What kind of survey did you get?  It should say it in a bold title right at the top. I ask because there are some surveys in which title research is done, & others that don't.