pump crawl space water away to outside

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Any good pump recommendation to suck water from one side using 100 feet tube and throw other side with 100 feet tube from crawl space. I rented last time immersion pump from home depot for 60$ for 1 day. Challenge with that immersion pump is handyman has to move that immersion pump all over crawl space and there is tube only on throwing side not on sucking side. Lowes also expensive to rent. Any plumber stores where i can buy these trash pump kind of pump for less budget. Please advise

In a recent flood where river water rose to 5" above my garage lowest elevation I used a $75 sump pump from The Home Depot connected to it a 5/8" garden hose and dump it into a storm drain (which actually drains back out to the river).  Day 1 I drained the garage (took four hours), Day 2 I drained the crawlspace (took 12 hours).  Yes I had to place it at the lowest point.

have you considered digging a sump and putting a pump in it? Then either trench or pipe other areas in the crawl space into the sump. It would be more permanent and not requiring it to be moved around.