notifying unqualified tenants

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I just had an open house showing at my duplex for rent. On all my advertisement I stated 3X income and 600 or better credit score. As I am going through the applications I received today there are multiple applications that stated they make less than 3X the rent. There is, however, one that stated they make more than 3X the rent. So I am going to verify income and references on that applicant before running a background/credit check. My question is: at just the application phase should I call the others and notify them that I have a qualified tenant after I get a good background/credit check first? Or just blow them off? It does not make sense to run their credit/background check if they willingly admit that they do not make 3X the rent and I have an applicant that does make 3X the rent.Also one applicant has an eviction. Do I call that person and just let them know I will not rent to someone with an eviction?

Thanks Guys!

Certainly don't blow them off - just a quick message that they do not meet the qualifications to lease the property will do. No need to mention other applicants or anything else. I would send an e-mail to have it documented in writing rather than calling.

If you don't have it already, I would put together a written Applicant Screening Criteria document that outlines what you are reviewing and your criteria (e.g. 3x rent in gross monthly income, NO evictions, etc.).  We always have this signed before accepting application fees and running credit/background checks.  If background yields an eviction for example and we decline, that app money is now gone....and they signed agreeing to the refunds.