Maui county considering STR ban - Please help protect legal STRs

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I got this letter from Airbnb and my property manager has also reached out to me. I own legal STRs in Maui that are zoned and taxed accordingly. The county is now considering banning STRs altogether due to rise in illegal rentals. If you happen to own an STR in Maui, please follow the appropriate link to write your plea to the country. Mahalo.

Thanks for being part of the passionate short-term rental community in Maui. On Friday, March 6th, the Maui Planning Department will meet to discuss new rules that would significantly impact your ability to share your property. The new rules would repeal the Short-Term Rental Home ordinance and phase out the renewal of current STRH permits.

This hearing will be a great opportunity to make your voice heard to the Maui Planning Department. Join your fellow hosts at Maui to help protect short-term rentals in Maui. Hearing information is provided below.

When: Friday, March 6 at 3 PM

Where: Maui Planning Department Conference Room

250 South High Street

Kalana Pakui Bldg, #200

Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793

If you want to share your thoughts with the City Council, and can’t testify in person at the hearing, you can share your story via email to the below addresses no later than March 5, 2020 so your voice will be heard.

<Email can be found at>

For more information, please read the links below:

Your voice matters and can make a difference. Show your support for short-term rentals by joining your fellow hosts at the hearing.


The Airbnb team

Before we suddenly put the scare into everyone on this topic, please read the article. The proposed phase-out is applicable to single family residential properties, not everything. If you are considering the purchase of a single family home and want to get an Airbnb permit, you have a five year wait before you can apply anyway.

This is NOT applicable to condos on Maui.

If you are looking at another Hawaiian island, please check the rules as each island is different.

@Maalaea Banyans

Mark is right, this is for SFH's that are conducting as STR's. Mayor Victorino is pushing to have more homes available for locals to live in rather than out of state investor create an income from STR. Those condos are "zoned" for vacation rental isn't affected.