Is this a drug apparatus?

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Look what plumber found clogged up toilet (with something else) in empty house being worked on by nightmare subcontractor.. working fine before he got there. 

He has been showing all the signs of it

That isn’t something that I immediately recognize (several years in law enforcement and part time narcotics division) but contractors are notorious for rampant drug abuse. Trying not to give too many details here, but Synthetic marijuana is usually rolled like a cigarette, crack is typically used in conjunction with a very small glass pipe (meth too sometimes) and needles are used for numerous drugs. The behavior is usually how you’re going to figure it out, though. Most people are pretty good at hiding their paraphernalia and narcotics. I also feel that he wouldn’t really have a reason to flush anything he was using unless law enforcement was present.  (Honestly from the photo, it looks a bit like a broken tampon applicator but I’m a guy so who knows). Still a good reminder to watch your workers.