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Hello all! This is my first post on here so go easy on me. I started a property management company back in February of 2012 and almost a year in have increase my management portfolio by 25%.

I don't say this because I am looking to toot my own horn, but am coming by a lot of these properties for one main reason. Investors are tired of the way their properties are being managed. I'd say that probably 80% of my business has been because of poor management previously and wanted to get everyone else's take.

Is this normal?

I'm not the cheapest in town I'm sure, but I let them know up front exactly what I charge, what service I will provide, and how it will benefit them. I would love to hear from other property managers or from investors. What do you think makes a good property management company?

I am an investor myself so I guess it's hard to really critique myself as I've always taken care of my properties, but I would love to hear what really separates a property management company from any other from your experience.

Hi Adam,

I am a commercial broker and investor myself although I do not do property management. I love the art of the deal for triple net and also apartment buildings.

The best way you can share on Bigger Pockets is to give knowledge freely and people will gravitate toward you by what they read. Talk about experiences you have went through on property management and how that has saved one of your clients money for example. You can also expand on your local rental market and issues that are happening there.

Saying the market is great and buy, buy, buy is to generic. I am just telling you from someone who has been on here for years and years how you will get the most benefit from the site for learning and also future business.

The basic or pro account is worth it as well as you get a link to your company in your signature section.

Thanks Joel! I appreciate the response. How much is it to upgrade to the Pro? I don't mean to sound like a cheapskate, but every penny counts when you are the business owner lol! Are you anywhere near Atlanta?? I'll be driving a car back from my sisters' in Fort Lauderdale the last week in February and plan to stop and see my buddy for a day or two in Atlanta. If you are around or near I would love to meet up for coffee or lunch and pick your brain I'd even buy! Again, appreciate the info and I'll try to help anyway I can!

Basic is around 5 dollars a month and Pro is around 15 a month. I can tell you the value I have gotten out of it is many times over paying the small fee.

I like giving back to the site because I believe it is that great.

I will check my schedule and see when the time comes if I am available or not. Around that time of the year a lot is going on.

I hear ya I appreciate it! I'll look into the basic for sure. Thanks again!

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