So I have a 19303/1 in Cleveland which has a basement with water issues which has been my nemesis for the past 2 years. Anyway- last year had to dig up the sewer line in basement as there was a cracked line. Made the repair and added an automatic dehumidifier to the basement.

This year I had water in the basement again with the snow and then the heavy rains. This was tracked down not to the sewer lines but to the outdoor drainage lines. There were 2 courses of action recommended.


> 100% Line replacement and Water proof:
> - To dig up both sides of house for gravel instal
> - Water Proof both sides of home where water is intruding
> -Replace storm drain lines needed on both sides of home
> - cover and repitch top side to ensure proper flow away from home
> All Labor, Material, tax $13,255

Option 2:

> Repair Line, Jett, Repitch:
> -To dig 6ft of Stormdrain
> - Repair Storm drain line where broken
> -Jett lines to help clear buildup/ debris causing water to sit
> -Cover and Repitch ground on driveway side of house
> All Labor, Material, Tax $2700

I chose option 2, with the idea of potentially using internal membrane afterwards to thwart risk of any more water intrusion.


Update after work start: (ADDITIONAL ISSUES from PM)

Vendor was out yesterday and today, and they started to dig and clear out and found there is more damage in the line then they had previously found. I have a short video of camera from where they dug and went into line. (he was having issues with the sound), but you can see more breaks in line. At this point the vendor will need to dig down and out the entire length driveway side and replace the whole line not just the 6ft section originally found. Since the entire drive way side will need to be dug up now for full line replacement, they are suggesting getting that side waterproofed while it is open, since they will need to dig further down and the foundation has been affected over time. The other side of house where the jetting was being done, they found a spot that they can't get past by corner down spout. They will have to open this area to remove/push the blockage here to get proper flow. They are suggesting adding an additional clean out for easier access for this area if needed. Since there is additional work needed our vendor has sent me 2 estimates of extra costs below.

Option 1:

The additional Cost for everything extra needed plus water proofing driveway side would be $5577.50

Option 2:

The additional Cost for everything extra needed without water proofing would be $2587.50


I have asked the PM how much additional cost if I chose Option 2 with interior membrane to seal the wall as this is the way I am currently leaning and the PM will send out another company for quotes for the interior membrane. Thoughts anyone? OR will the membrane cost more than the $3,000 for outdoor sealing of the one side (driveway side) of the foundation? OR is the membrane a short term approach which will not hold up over time? Or just perform option 2 and see what happens during the rainy season and winter?

I would like to just put this issue to rest with the basement?