Why is Rent still due during COVID-19?

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I was expecting my tenant to pay without hassle as she's on disability so we know that her income is not impacted with COVID. So I proactively reached out to let her know that her rent had not been rec'd on 4/4 and she would be assessed a $50 late fee if funds were not rec'd by EOD 4-5-20. She pushed back, stating her rent was due on the 5th and she was ill. After some banter back and forth, I let her know that I went through the lease with her page by page in detail so she and I were on the same page with our agreement. I shared that we already have a deferral agreement for one month as she made claims that she was paying rent on the 3rd week historically when her disability came in... and I had let her spread her first month rent over 6 months in the very first month. Soooooo ultimately, I said I wanted to proactively remind her that this is a business to me and while we want to keep her and keep her happy, I will do what I have committed to on paper. I let her know that we're all aware that she's had her check for 3 weeks at that point and if she can't make her rent, she needs to be proactive and see if I can work with her IN ADVANCE of the 1st. Well, she sure found that cash fast. She has 3 dogs and 4 cats so while she was threatening to look for a new place and break her lease... it's not real easy to find a place to accept 3 LARGE German Shepards AND 4 cats.... I let her know that I'm a normal, hard working person too, and I need that rent to pay for the house she's in. I was totally upfront- if you don't pay the rent, I'll lose the house and then both of us are not happy.   Boy am I learning a lot! :)

The COVID relief is there for those who need it but there are a lot of people trying to be scammy and thinking that they can not pay rent ever for April/May, not understanding that the rent is simply deferred ... it's definitely a conversation to have with your tenants proactively before things get ugly with fees and other disagreements potentially.

The rent situation will be case by case .  Some people have reserves, some don't.  Some landlords can afford to have it missed, some don't.  It's really different for everyone.