Agent ask to show my property

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Hi all, I just list my property on Trulia and Cozy two days ago. I got a voicemail and a text today. Someone (I assumed a real estate agent) contacted me asked if he could show my place to a few interested tenants. He stated it's free and he's looking for compensation. 

Is it a normal an agent would ask landlord that? Should I say yes?

You are just listing the property as a rental? For me it would depend on how high demand is for that type of rental in your area. If you think it will be hard to rent, then I would have no problem giving an agent a half months rent or something if they brought me a high-quality tenant. You can usually also pay property management companies a referral fee to find you a tenant. But if there is high demand then I would just post your vacancy online and find the tenant yourself. Good luck!!

Whenever we have succumbed to such a request and despite telling agent what our requirements were and that they would have to be paid by the susp... oh...prospect, all 3 or 4 brought exactly the least qualified folks 2 even that had not made it through our prescreen 3 weeks earlier. 

Proceed at your own risk.

I get those requests and ignore them. Only show to qualified applicants especially at this time. We complete the full screening process except background and credit-which applicant pays for. We do a thorough social media scrub and check employment and past LL references. People who get to see our apartments want them. If you show too easily you will just entertain no shows and tire kickers.

Why wold you turn down a potential great tenant over a couple hundred dollars.   Just decide what you are willing to pay and let the realtor know.   You can still run them through any prescreening process you want before they show the house.   Realtors are just another tool in the tool box.  If you use it right it could make your job easier.   If you prescreen and agree up front on what you will pay what is there to loose.   15 min of extra work?