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If I hire someone to do the lawncare for the tenants, what do they need to have? A corp. and liability insurance? Or do they need worker's comp too? I think Florida doesn't require WC if the business has three employees or less. I'm trying not to spend a lot of money on this, but I don't want to put myself at risk if the person gets injured or there's some other incident. Thanks.

You know, it sounds like the state has provided a workmens comp out for a guy with a mower trying to feed his family to me. Just following that exemption it sounds like a kid can mow a lawn for $25 and not be considered an employee. I guess so long as you don't give alot of requirements as to grass height, direction of mowing and such you can keep the independant contractor aspect alive and well.

When I was a kid I watched a man mow his yard and he hit something and his leg started bleeding. I saw the same man later on and he only had one leg. Now, that was a very long time ago, but you can get hurt, the liability question is what if something hit a passerby, could they hold you responsible, I'd think they could. In that case your liability coverage should kick in.

If the guy mowing got hurt the quest then is were you negligent? Does the yard have deep ruts, full of rocks maybe barried cables to trip over, if the lot is clear and you have not posed any danger to an ordinary capable person performing the job, I'd bet you would not be found to be negligent. That means it ain't your fault.

I'd say ask your insurance agent if your medical and liability cover temp employees on premises if they are not insured or required to be insured.

I have allowed teenagers to adults mow my grass for over 45 years, no problems yet! :)

Originally posted by Bienes Raices:
If I hire someone to do the lawncare for the tenants, what do they need to have?

A lawnmower. Beyond that, I don't put much thought into it.

Bienes Raices - I'd agree with Bill and Kyle. No need to put too much thought into it beyond maybe asking a question of your insurance company. Beyond that, hire a guy to cut and clean the lawn and don;t worry too much. Probabilities are in your favor.

I have a guy that does lawns for me. He's a one man show with a junky truck and nice mower. He's in his 40's and does a great job. I doubt that he has insurance on his truck, let alone any other type. I have a work comp policy that should cover him if he were to get hurt.

I've heard of stories of people losing a finger to a lawn mower, but I doubt it's someone that uses a mower every day.

To cover all your bases you would need WC insurance if it wasn't an independent contractor doing the job. I've heard things as cruel as potential child labor laws for kids mowing your lawn.

But like the above posts, it is very unlikely that 1, anything would happen, or 2 that they would go after you if something did happen.

Thanks everyone. I've hired handymen to do one-off jobs but I've never used someone long term like this, so I had concerns. It sounds like it's not a big deal.

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