Government Bail Out?

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So with all these states progressively passing laws allowing tenants not to pay rent for months on end, is there any discussion for a bail out to landlords?

This is a tough time for people so not being able to pay ones rent is a real reality for some and I do believe they need to be supported. However, it seems like the government is just passing the burden to the landlords without considering that people live off of the rent from their tenants.

I know the government has bailed out airlines and other industries has anyone heard of any y’all about bailing out landlords who could potential lose homes, and buildings during these times?

I’m sure that’s the least of their worries right now. All government officials believe landlords are wiping their behinds with 100 dollar bills. But on top of that it doesn’t seem like if any landlords are stepping up to the plate to say something about their investment. Government officials Then now believe WE landlords don’t care and we have the funds to keep this going for months. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again.

1. eviction prevention (we are here)

2.Then it’s going to be free Rent/no rent is owed and we can’t evict tenants whom suffered from covid 19  (6months we will be here) 

3. Landlords Will have to pay tenants for Hard times during Covid 19 (8months from now we will be here) 

Obviously I’m being sarcastic. But I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to happen. And I’m sure it will. ON TOP OF THAT LANDLORDS WILL STILL DO NOTHING.