Covid19 - Additional Cleaning and Disinfecting

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Hi BP community - is anyone utilizing extra cleaning and disinfecting services in the common areas of your buildings?  Have tenants requested such services to be performed?  I have proactively done weekly general cleaning and wiping down of high touch surfaces ( typically this would be bi-monthly or quarterly ).   Is this effective in enhancing safety ?   

We use Clorox Commercial Grade chemicals.  It kills everything....  If you can find them right now; of course.

@Milo Jocson Not sure how much that really will help in truly stopping the spread but if someone does get sick in your building you have policies and procedures showing you had changed and increased your cleaning standards/timeframe. I would think it would help to protect you as the landlord. I could be way off though, I am no lawyer.

@Ryan Blake - I was simulating some of the protocols we have in my full time job - our office implements daily enhanced cleaning for the limited number of employees that are allowed on ground. I was curious to see the extent of cleaning that apartment owners and managers were doing - we are now six months in and it appears physical distancing is the most important tenant safety factor and not the transmission via surfaces .