Water leakage into the units underneath my unit

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Hi BP -

Currently in a not ideal situation and would love to hear some suggestions regarding how to handle!

My just got a condo late March this year, and early May the condo association told me there was a leakage in my kitchen faucet / garbage disposal that led to water leakage in the units underneath me (two units since the middle unit is vacant and they didn't realize). The unit directly underneath me wanted me to file a claim with my insurance company to cover their fix costs. The problem is that my policy wasn't in effect the day the problem was discovered (definitely my fault on not having an insurance early enough!). The adjuster from my insurance company suggested the units underneath me to file claims using THEIR insurance policies since they need to prove I am liable for the leakage (due to negligence). 

My questions:

1. the unit owner directly below me doesn't want to get their insurance involved (which I understand), but should I ask them to contact their insurance companies to get this resolved?

2. If they file a claim with their own insurance, will their insurance companies come after me for the cost (~8K in total)? What do they need to do to prove I'm liable for the problem, will I be automatically on the hook 

3. how are those condo unit liability issues usually resolved? Do people normally file claims with their own insurance companies or ask their neighbors to

Thanks a lot!!