What to do about Mice

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So I have owned a triplex for almost a year now and recently had new my first turnover. I had  tenants move out of one of the units and new tenants move in. They have been there about 2 months now. I just had my property management company tell me the tenants "found a nest of mice living inside the stove." It has only been a couple of days since they told me but they indicated they were trying to get more info from the tenants and would let me know how to proceed. I am not sure how to proceed here. Do I need to call in a professional rodent service in immediately? Or do I just advise them to put out some mouse traps or something? This is the first I have heard of any kind of rodent issues, and it has been a few days and have not heard anything more from the property management company. I am wondering if this poses any legal issues I need to be concerned about? What is the best thing to do at this point. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I am still new to all of this so just trying to proceed with caution and get advice from anyone who may have advice on how to best proceed here. Thanks in advance!

We would hire an exterminator ASAP and let them tell us what the cause was. That is pretty gross. 

We have a multi & have rodent bait stations outside the building & that has eliminated them seeking the inside for food. Tenants who leave pet food out or not in sealed containers are another issue.