Using Cozy for applications and collections?

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Does anyone use cozy for applications, background and credit checks and rent collections?  It sounds like a good deal for me but I wanted to see if someone could share their experiences with the company.  Thank you. 

More interested in paid options that have faster collection. 

Cozy is great in theory but the fact it takes 6 days for payment to show up is too long, and for $3/unit it is still 3 days (often 4). 

Yup, been using Cozy for 3+ years now and I'm very happy with it.  Rent collection is so easy for me and my tenants.  Applications and credit/background checks make the whole process simple.  There's also financial tracking and maintenance management - neither of which I use.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone managing properties.

I have not used the application / background service but my tenant has been paying via Cozy for 6 months and I have 0 issues with the payment service, has worked great for me. It does take 4-6 days for payment, but in candor, if you can't wait that long for monthly rent payments you might want to reconsider your reserve situation.