Rental Property - Keep or Sell Advice

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Rental property at 15yrs w/ 30 yr VA mtg, 4.6% int now (adj arm, for 10 yrs was under 3%-connected to yr treasury up for renewal July will probably go down 1% ) 200 monthly income, Suggest to sell, refi cash, 15yr or leave as is? Thanks!

@Tamara Whiteside the most important piece of info missing is how much equity you could get if you sold. You are making $2400 per year per your post. Can you make $24,000 if you sell? If so, I would sell and re invest the equity. I always like to think in terms of how many years of cash flow I can get if I sell. If I am getting more than 10 years of cash flow then I will sell because 10 years is far enough away that I am comfortable setting that as my bench mark.