Good Monday Landlords!

Im a new in landlording in WA, and REI. Future tenants failed to give me notice and I contacted the tenant at her work to find out why she is not responding to my texts, voicemesages.

Lease is starting on July 1st 2020, and signed on 5/24/2020. However, she hasnt given notice to me and I contacted her supervisor at work, then finally she contacted me. She said she was sick.

Is the letter below good enough or should I be recording her voice with her agreement? Any additional steps to do especially with tenants-landlords issues lately?

Is my wording too strong or is this ok for sake of legal evidence?

Thank you!


Letter of Lease Cancellation

Tenant, name, and Landlord, name have agreed to terminate the lease contract commencing July 1st, 2020 due to a tenant’s personal situation.

The tenant name intends to break the lease agreement, which results in the full early termination fees. In addition, the tenant, name has agreed that the full amount of $600 for the security deposit shall be collected by the landlord, name . With the tenant’s circumstances and given a missing notice before the term is initiated, Security Deposit, $600 will not be paid back to the tenant, and shall be collected by the landlord.

Tenant has read, and understands and agrees to this letter. Tenant, name ), and landlord, name hereby that both parties shall not have any legal actions to take from signed date.