Rental issues due to pandemic

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Question to the rental property owners, how's your rental properties doing during the lock-down and eviction moratorium? My experience has been mixed. Most of my properties are in Washington, Louisiana and Texas. My Louisiana and Texas tenants has been quite diligent in paying rent throughout the lock-down phase. Seattle has mixed scenario, with some tenants having their guests occupy the house, knowing eviction is pretty much impossible at this time.

I've been lucky, all my tenants have been able to pay.

One is a small business owner and need to work out a rent deferment, which I obliged. But once they were allowed to open again, they were back to work and promptly paid the backrent instead of continuing with the rent deferment.

I tried to work with all my tenants and come to a mutual plan. Some tenants has not be very cooperative. They have many guests join them at the house, smoking and drugs, turned off any kind of communication with me.

Sudip, take it as a learning experience. Either (1) you need to look upmarket when looking for new properties or (2) you need to reevaluate how you screen tenants. Are you good at "reading" people? What kind of background checks or reference checks did you do?

Back when I was in graduate school I lived in a fourplex, across the hall were some undergrads. Total party animals, made a mess of the place and even broke a window before they moved out. Total headache for the landlord. We were on great terms with the landlord so he'd tell us some horror stories about those boys. I listened and empathized, though I liked them since I got to party with undergrads. :) But I would not want them as my tenants either. Landlord told me they had shown up dressed nice, spoke well and respectfully. So sometimes bad tenants are just hard to identify - that may just be what you got yourself into also.

My tenants are in SW WA they are all paying. Filled a vacancy this week, fewer than usual candidates; but got a really qualified one just the same. I agree with@Bobby Lee nows the time to really work on your screening. The vast majority of tenants have proper values we have to learn to recognize them and avoid the freeloaders. It is largely an attitude thing. With the ones that are not paying because they feel entitled.

Fully rented, 100% rents coming in.  BUT... I counseled all the tenants in mid-March about all the social welfare benefits available to them, and again a month later.  I carried a couple of tenants until their unemployment started coming in.  One tenant we took food and dog food to, until her unemployment started coming in.  Another we employed to do deferred landscaping/maintenance, and then found other similar work for him with other property owners.  And the three vacancies we had at the beginning of the pandemic, took a little longer to rent out, because we were VERY picky, and insisted upon the maximum deposit allowed in our state.

You mentioned guests, I'm assuming unauthorized guests? The CARES Act refers to evictions and non-payment, it says nothing about any other breach of lease. Unless WA has other moratoriums in place you should be able to evict for unauthorized guests, after proper notice of course.

I have 6 doors.  All in New Orleans.  I don't currently have any outstanding rent.  I've only had one "almost" problem with rent.  One tenant for May's rent apparently decided in her own head that I should just forgive her rent because "the virus".  Supposedly she had lost her job.

I started scratching the surface just a little, primarily to help her out with a payment plan.  But all she would say is she didn't have any money for May's rent and lost her job.  Yet, hadn't applied for unemployment.  Red flag there.  Because she didn't know "how" or "where to go" for that.  It's all online right now.  So after I did the same 30-second Google search she could have done, I sent her the link.

I told her I would be posting a Pay or Quit notice the next day, but would also give her until May 18th (that was when courts were supposed to open, but later got delayed to June 5th).  That this would give her time to apply for unemployment.  I also told her that I was still open to being more flexible than all of it by May 18th, but she needed to present me with a doable payment plan and show me a good faith effort.  Like applying for UE, smh.

She texted back that "since I wasn't being considerate of the pandemic" (eyeroll), she would get the rent to me on Monday (two days later).  And she did.  Don't get me wrong.  Obviously I was glad to get the rent.  But I was wholly unimpressed that one minute she didn't have ANY of May's rent.  Then two days later she had all of it.  She also paid June's rent without any issue and made sure to mention she was back to work.  I don't think she ever lost her job.  I think that's why she didn't apply for UE.

At any rate, their lease is up at the end of August and my husband and I are considering not renewing it.  It automatically reverts to a month-to-month, either way.  We've had some other problems with their tenancy and the lying to me about her ability to pay May's rent was another notch in the "bad" column.

Ok, here is it, I need advice.

I purchased a 5plex last year in October, in Modesto, California Stanislaus County. There are four buildings.

One of the units has two small duplexes, and I'm trying to convert it into a 2bed apartment so that my property turns into a 4plex with is more valuable. (Easier to get loans).

I gave eviction 60-day notices to the two tenants in January, One left the other said She was going but died of 1 before her last day. 

I learned she had her adult son living with her. He is refusing to leave, and I have not seen any rent from him since March. 

I also learned he is Brother of the wife of the previous owner (and the deceased lady was her mother). It was not disclosed to me during the sale; otherwise, I'll have requested they leave before closing the transaction. Not sure what do do next, I feel cheated. Last time I talked with a Lawer, he said Cherif is not evicting anyone, and once Evictions start, there will be a 3-month delay.  I offered two months of rent cash and forgiveness of unpay rent, but he was not interested.

He does not respond to my mail, phone, text, and does not get outside when I knock at the door. 

Do any of you knows a good lawyer in the area that can help me, Even a remote laser willing to help with tenants in that area?

I'm thinking of doing legal action against the sellers for the cost of the two units I cannot fill since March. I just want him out.

Thank you!