Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring - love it or hate it?

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Looking for any experience with SPC flooring. I need about 1400 sf professionally installed in my two-story rental house built in 1990. The company I am looking at is Bel-Air, based in LA for $1.99/sf not including labor. This stuff sounds indestructible. There are two flights of stairs inside, all floors are relatively flat, will be exposed to a lot of direct sun in areas. It might not be the most sound-deadening one but I'm not the one living there, I just want the floor that's going to outlast the rest. It has a 10 and 50 year warranty and is 100% waterproof. Low VOC, recyclable, waterproof, skidproof, etc. Any pros and/or cons of SPC to personally share?

We've had a stone composite LVP in our home for five years and it is in exceptional shape: Three young boys ages four through seven--"destroyers of all things"--and a great dane tried their hardest to wreck the stuff, and it stood the test of time so well I'm leaving it down as we transition to renting this house and moving into a new primary residence.

@Erin O'Connor Smith Did you wind up going with SPC? I'm considering the same.  I'm looking into Republic Flooring at 1.88/sf for 6mm SPC.  I'm worried about uneven floors and bounciness.  I have 12mm laminate in my other rental and it's done really well, but SPC sounds appealing.

I've used WPC before but realized that SPC offers better resistance from scratches and dents. They hold up well to wear and tear in any parts of the house. And yes, it's 100% moist resistance. Check with Republic Flooring and Sequoia Flooring.