Drain flies? Or alternative bug ID & plan

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I am prepping a vacant unit right now. (Full disclosure: first-time landlord, bought property in Feb 2020)

Before COVID the previous tenants mentioned ants. They were small and localized to bathroom sink. I didn’t have a chance to f/u as they weren’t especially bothered by them (prev prop mgr didn’t address them) and it didn’t qualify as a “maintenance emergency” during early COVID restrictions on entering an occupied unit. But now I’m in and the ants are there, here and there.

But what’s more prominent are small black bugs-flies perhaps? I’ve not actually seen them fly but I think they have wings. They congregate (small numbers, don’t misunderstand) by bathroom sink, tub, and windows throughout unit. For example, in other rooms of apartment they were initially hardly noticed by me. But when I started painting—-many a small black bug met its untimely death in a fresh coat of paint. (They’re so small as to be like a speck of dirt so i can’t see them in the finished paint job at all, I just know I brushed over them while cutting in!)

I googled and wondered if these could be drain flies? It’s just that the photos online are all super close ups and I can’t tell if my little specks-of-dirt-like bugs are the moth-like looking drain flies. Anyone have a layman’s photo of these bugs in real life by a sink? Experience with how often drain flies actually do take flight? Anyone have experience with drain flies or an alternative theory for the identification of this kind of bug? Thank you!!!

I get those in my Los Angeles home. They love to perch on the wall and chill there  indefinitely until I smash them into oblivion. 

I poured bleach down the drains and started using drain stoppers in the sinks, tub and I covered the shower drain as well and the little beasties went away. 

Sounds like they are coming from the drain. I had this issue in my personal residence a few months ago. We narrowed the source to the bathroom, as they were found there more often. I used a drain zip tie (not sure what the real name is) and pulled out a long, gross mess of hair, shampoo, and hopefully not much else. No flies since.

My advice is to check your drains and see if they may need to be cleaned out.

@Andrew B. That’s what I was thinking might help, too, gross as it sounds. ;). With just a screwdriver I plucked out a bunny tail sized glob of hair/goo/slime. I’ll take that approach and then throw some liquids on it perhaps.

Follow up question: would that level of “drain snaking” cause issues in units below? If so, fortuitously (?) this is the top unit of a 3 story plus basement. Thanks!!!!

Cleaning the drains on the upper levels should not affect the drains on the lower units. Any time I clean a drain I run hot water down it for a couple minutes to help clear out any goop.