Tenant not allowing annual inspection

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Good afternoon all,

I have a tenant that is disgruntled.... Likely because the covid rent moratorium is ending in Virginia. Seeing how the tenant hasn't paid in forever we would like to lower the rate on the property. I requested to do a walkthrough for the inspection and the tenant is refusing to provide access.... I read that with reasonable notice we could be escorted by police officers onto the property. That would be unfortunate.... Any other ideas?

@Jairus King if you have a key to the property & your lease allows you to go in with reasonable notice, that is another option. However, since the tenant is already disgruntled, I would go with the officer escort option. You'll probably have less issues from the tenant with a police officer there.

Yes- I have a key... No idea if they tried to change the locks without my knowledge, but I am aiming for early next week. The tenant has since provided their "attorneys" number and states that they are going to move soon. So I did reach out to the attorney to get some cooperation, but no word back yet. 

@Jairus King Great! He can afford a lawyer but can't or won't pay rent. If the police will accompany you that might be preferable. I don't think I would go alone under the circumstances-landlords have been shot by disgruntled tenants. All the best!