Out of State Managing without Management Company. How?

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Hey guys!

I'm a landlord in the midwest and currently am self-managing 55 units (ITS TIRING). on top of collecting rents, doing showings, managing finances, taxes, etc. etc. I also do maintenance requests when i can. Its helped me learn all the ins and outs of the business

I do have a really dependable handyman and relationships with several plumbing, hvac, electric companies etc. as well so it's not completely overwhelming

Now I really want to semi move to the west coast  to pursue other investments and passions while being able to travel back and forth during peak busy months . Im in students rentals so its a cyclical thing and I like handling the collection of rent/showings/etc.  but I'm trying to get ideas on how to manage my properties here without going through a management company. 

for people who hire assistants or such how do you usually structure your payment? hourly, salary? what are fair prices? I would generally say their main responsibilities would be showing a place, handling maintenance calls and allocating to the right contractors, and general scheduled maintenance upkeep (sweeping staircases, emptying mail bins, collecting quarters from laundry) etc. 

I am wondering why you would hire an assistant over a property management company? As they are the professionals in this field, I would trust a boots on the ground professional manager. Especially with 55 units!