Covid19,Investment opportunity, why are not home prices dropping?

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With Pandemic, and uncertainty of economic future made me think that the house prices would have been effected too. However home prices in our area still overpriced, they are actually going up if you can believe it. We wanted to buy another investment rental property but the margins are not there. 
I know none has a crystal that can tell us what the future looks like but should we wait a little more? 

@Sharon Miller It's supply and demand. Houses steadily increased in value here in CO Springs through the entirety of the shutdown and most of the country is in short supply of housing so the same is happening in nearly everywhere. 

I'll tell you what I'm doing but I'm not going to directly answer your question because you have to decide that for yourself. 

I'm continuing to make very conservative offers on properties in C+ to B+ with value add potential while keeping healthy amount of liquidity. That's it. I like to keep things simple. 

Hope that helps!