Where do you post for rental?

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I need to find Renters for my townhome. I usually post on Cragislist or FB marketplace but I need to find quality tenants that can pay more than $3k for our town home in A+ neighborhood. 

If there are any other websites that I can post or find tenants let me know.

Want to hear if there are any portals that I can use to post. 

PROFESSIONAL PICS EVERY TIME!! A good real estate photographer around SLC runs me $125-200$ depending on how many shots I want. Usually 20-35 depending on the house. Rentals are around $1600-2000/month.

Even IF this was my $850 rental in MO Id pay for the shots. If you don't, then you're competing with a guy like me who has a beautiful listing with far better photos, which drives them to see my property first!

It's such a small investment I'm dumbfounded why more people don't get pro shots.