How to properly inform tenants about repairs?

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Hi, I need to do electrical repairs, and my electrician informed that electricity will be off for several hours. How should I inform tenants about it? What's a right message. I am a new landlord, so my questions are very basic, but I am afraid to do something wrong.

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I tell them to expect that power may not be available to them during times when it has to be shut off for safety reasons.  It's really the same as any other repair.  "Your toilet won't be usable while we're replacing can't walk on the floor in this room while we're staining it, etc."  

Repairs are a part of everyday life and do not require any special accommodation or notification by the land lord other than "Here's what we're doing and here's how long we think it will take.  Thank you for being flexible as we work to make your home a better, safer, more enjoyable place to live.  Regards, The Management."

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I agree with @Erik W. inform them of the entire issue.  I like it in writing so they can respond back in writing.  It provides a formal trail of documentation for everyone.  You should always give them a minimum of 24 hour notice in case of emergency.  Follow your state and or city laws.  Email is the preferred method, but I do a lot of information through texting.  Sometimes I use both.  Texting certainly gets the quickest response.  It does depend on the individual. 

@Elena Pech

When notices are sent they are not a request they are information driven.  Yes some tenants can be difficult, but if the work needs to be done It must get done.  There are times when schedules have to be changed but I would say that’s rare.