Does a SM exist for RE Investors to Mark Delinquent Tenants?

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I'm a future multifamily investor; I won't be buying anything until I'm of age and have built my credit (and most importantly the know-how!). 

After reading and hearing of popular alternative methods for landlords to kick out tenants instead of performing evictions. I was wondering if a social-media type platform existed exclusively for landlords to notify other nearby landlords of a particular tenant who had been trouble or should've been marked legally, because doing those alternative methods removes the ability for future landlords to see such a deviancy in a background check.

Because it seems that landlords have much more to lose from initiating an eviction (hence the popularity of alternative methods) and furthermore how costly it is to have the unfortunate serendipity to happily embrace these unmarked tenants as clean ones. I think it's time I or someone out there developed a platform exclusively made for landlords to check their respective areas for these types of potential tenants, if it doesn't exist of course.

Any thoughts? 


Nobody wants to take this on, for a few reasons:

1. You expose yourself to liability. The tenant could sue the Landlord for spreading false information or the owner of the website for providing the platform.

2. Owners can exaggerate and lie. I see a LOT of private Landlords doing unethical and illegal actions against their renters. So many renters have their entire deposit stolen from them that it doesn't surprise me to see so many renters refuse to pay their last month of rent.

I think something like this could work if there were some kind of vetting system. I would also want to regulate who can access it so the public isn't involved. I have had the idea of a national database for a decade but just can't get my mind wrapped around how to make it fair and avoid litigation.