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Just about to start a complete renovation of a rental property I purchased this week, one of the things the property needs is a new kitchen.

This is the first time replacing a kitchen so I have a few questions and hoped you guys could give me some top tips.

My plan is to buy all the cabinets, counter tops, materials and appliances a mixture of new and used then have a contractor install/fit the entire kitchen.

is there a decent kitchen design software anyone can recommend that can help me design the layout with measurements and visuals?  
On the second hand market I've seen a good number of complete kitchen cabinets that have been removed from renovations, they seem to save money but considering how precise everything needs to be in a kitchen are they worth considering or am I best off just buying new? 

Anyone with experience of installing a new kitchen for a rental property offering any advice or tips that would be appreciated thank you   

@Philip L. - Congrats on the new rental! The second hand / architectural salvage places can be a good place to find great deals.

The only thing is you need to consider is will a mix-matched kitchen and bath with outdated appliances, cabinets and fixtures will that negatively effect the rental rates you can get in your market. In my neighborhood you can charge over $800 more per month for a house with updated kitchen and bath. If you’re mostly doing DIY that would pay off pretty quickly.

Also consider your time shopping around, hauling and refurbishing all these individual items. It might cost more and delay your project more than you think.

As in investor you might be able to convince local smaller suppliers to give you wholesale pricing on new stuff. Usually 30%-50% discounts.

If you do go the cheap and dirty route feel free to reach out. I have some great cheap DIY hacks.

I’m a designer and builder. I use Trimble Sketchup Pro but there is a free version that has more than enough features to design a kitchen or a whole house even.

I have a video tutorial on how to design a kitchen with Sketchup. Let me know if you want me to send you a link.

Good Luck!

@Philip L. Are the existing cabinets that hideous that they can't be saved with some paint and fresh hardware? Or maybe new doors? A lot of the old cabinet boxes I find in my 60's/70's houses are solid wood and built like tanks, so I try to reface them when possible. I'm not a fan of the Genuine Sortawood cabinets the big box stores sell.

But I have B to B- rentals, you  might be working on something way more high end. And SketchUp is a good program to try.

@Matt Lewis  
@Dawn P.

So sorry that I didn't reply back to you guys I posted this message at the start of the project and this renovation has taken over all my time.
Thank you for the replies and advice, in the end I ended up purchasing a used kitchen off facebook marketplace as it had a lot of cabinets and looked in good condition in the photos. Big learning lesson ask to see the photos and maybe a video of the units after they have been removed! - Hired a Uhall and traveled about two hours to pick them up, got there and they had not been taken out with a lot of care, long story short I renegotiated the price and purchased them.

Over the next two weeks I stripped them down, decreased, sanded, primer, sanded again!, painted and rebuilt - took way longer than I had expected. Lesson number two it is only worth refurbishing if already installed (in my opinion)

I am happy with the way they turned out in the end, hopefully they will be installed with new counter tops next week and I will update this reply with before and after photos.

again thank you for replying to me with your advice

@Moe Hirsch well to install a new kitchen via a local kitchen company I had a quote of $14000

Once I get the new countertops next week we will be able to finished the install and I've been told that will take 5 days so with hired labour cost. Appliances and vinyl plank flooring the final cost is $5600

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Side note that final price doesn't include my time refurbishing the cabinets I'm guessing around 40 hours

It depends on the price point of your rental property.  I have a rental where I used IKEA kitchen cabinets about a 1 1/2 ago.  The design process was easy and so far they have held up well.  

Originally posted by @Philip L. :

@Moe Hirsch well to install a new kitchen via a local kitchen company I had a quote of $14000

Once I get the new countertops next week we will be able to finished the install and I've been told that will take 5 days so with hired labour cost. Appliances and vinyl plank flooring the final cost is $5600

I would love to see the layout, $14,000 was probably for custom cabinets, not stock.

Just my guess.



Even though not everything went to plan I am please with the final finish, well 95% finished it still needs shelving and a section of trim.
Appliances - $525
Cabinets - $1600
Flooring - $600
Counter tops - $1220
Paint - $50
Range hood - $190  
Sink/faucets/plumbing - $260
shelving - $280
Toe kick - $40
Electrical - $300
Drywall - $500
Demo - free did it myself
Total $5,565

Learning lessons:
I purchased the cabinets from facebook marketplace it seemed like a good deal however I was only shown the cabinets before they were taken out and thought they were hard wood.
Took a lot of my time to refurbish and paint - in total about two weeks! - you can get good second hand deals but it is probably quicker and easier to just buy standard at HD or lowes.

I did quite well with facebook marketplace in regards to appliances, even though it is a second hand market you can still get brand new/newish items. Dishwasher was brand new never used I got it for $150 - stove was 4 months old it had been installed but the oven still had plastic wrap around the shelving so only the top was ever used - the fridge is the oldest but still less than two years old it was purchased from a very high end property for $200.

I had my contractor build my counter tops, it turned out nice however you can buy ready made counter tops and just pay for fitting this would save around $500.

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