Inherited Tenants: Addressing problems

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Hello Everyone, 

My wife and I are a couple weeks away from closing on our first Duplex in which we will be house hacking. One side is vacant and the other side is already rented out to tenants whose lease ends in 6 months. Our tenant and her mother are both on the lease, but during the process we noticed that the tenant has moved her boyfriend and his friend into the home. The boyfriend and friend both have big commercial pick up trucks which they park literally on the front yard and the other is usually parked out by the road but right in front of the property so it's covering the view of the duplex from the street. There is a driveway but it is already occupied by 2 cars, I'm assuming it's the tenant's and her mothers. So there's a total of 4 vehicles on the property not including our own vehicles.

They also own 2 dogs in which they allow to potty all over the yard and do not pickup after them.

Because they are under the previous owners lease which does not mention anything about multiple cars around the yard or picking up after the dogs, 

How would I go about addressing this situation with them?  

I appreciate any help! 



Sounds a lot like a duplex we bought several years ago with inherited tenants. Our issue was unregistered vehicles and motorcycles. We started out by explaining to the tenants, our plan to upgrade and improve the property. Then we documented the guidelines that we planned to put in place:

Pet policy, limited number of parking spaces per unit, Our criteria for qualified tenants, etc...

We distributed these in writing to the current residents

We began to clean and perform maintenance on the exterior and landscaping, generally improving the property. 

These tenants got the picture and asked if we planned to raise the rent, which of course we did. This had the effect of putting them on notice and although it did not happen overnight, the problem tenants did move on. 

Over time we have been able to update and remodel each unit as they turned over and have been able to increase the rentals rates accordingly.

sounds like you have 6 months till the existing leases expire, so you may have to work around the current residents for a while.

Hope this helps....

Just express to them that you won't be allowing this moving forward. Add when the time comes add the addendum or policies you need. Respectfully advise that this will be followed or they will have to vacate.