No Hot Water for over 3 days!

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The gas had to be turned off and the contractor still has not found the gas leak. It started in one unit and when that was repaired, the pressure test did not pass so it looks like there is another leak.It's been 3 days without hot water or a stove and there is no resolution in sight. Would you reward tenant patience? If so how?

I just had this same scenario but the delay was the  City permits and inspections. Tenant had no gas for 8 weeks, she cooked with a microwave and warm showers aren't usually an issue in Arizona summer months. We gave her 1/2 of the rent for 8 weeks plus we reimbursed her for the City hook up charges because they charged her for a new hook up every time they came out and said no. Bottom line we gave her 1 month free plus a credit for the fees.

Communication is gonna be huge here. If they know what's going on, and they know that you want to make it right (ie, a small credit on next month's rent) I think they will continue to be far more patient than if they are left in the dark. Not sure what state you are in, but many states require hot water for a unit to be habitable. If you smooth things over with the tenants now you can avoid getting into trouble with your local LL/tenant laws.

The main issue is the inability to bathe/shower. I offer them a guest pass to our rec center, which allows them the ability to shower but also gives them access to the entire facility (swimming, weights, cardio, basketball, racquetball, etc.). Some tenants take it. Some say it's unnecessary and that they will just use a shower at someone else's home.

I do not reduce rent. They still have a roof and four walls, functional kitchen and bathroom, sleeping space, etc. It doesn't make sense to give them free rent when 95% of the rental is fully operational. If they complain, I remind them that I am subject to the same requirements in my personal home and that they're actually getting better service than what I would get as a homeowner.