Where To Post Furnished Rentals other than Zillow?

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Is there a list of various rental advertisement sites anybody here can recommend? We want our unit rented but don't want to sound desperate by posting the ad all over where we can attract scammers. We are just trying to be careful about getting tenants. We understand it is tough times but we would rather have the unit vacant than deal with the eviction courts. Should we just not rent it out and wait until this whole pandemic is over? TIA

Are there any large companies near you based outside of the US that may have employees traveling.  While this isn’t a post like you requested you may call their travel department and see if they would be interested.  I know if I were traveling I would prefer to stay in a house and a lot of executives travel with family so a hotel is not ideal.   

@Michael Noto , I just signed up. I didn't know such a website exists. I paid a premium for a year membership and help with the listing. If figured since it is our first time to rent our condo, might as well put capital for a good and safe service. A rep called me less than an hour to walk me through what I need to do. Quite impressive already. I just hope we find a good renter. Thank you again. 

@Grace Esteban

I find I have plenty of coverage/replies with just three listings

Cozy.co - where I manage my rentals. I think they are also now apartments.com

Cozy syndicates to realtor.com and doorsteps.com

Zumper just to get listed on Facebook marketplace without tying back to your personal profile

Zumper syndicates to Facebook, padmapper and walkscore


Zillow syndicates to trulia and hotpads

I don’t know where it then gets syndicated out from there but, with these three listings, the property gets a lot of attention.

@Gary Pilkington , sir YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I just started yesterday and I was actually wondering why Zillow being connected to Tulia and Hotpads. Thanks to you, now I know what "syndication" means.  I just opened an account with Zumper. I like that the ad will be separate from my personal account. I'm now checking Cozy. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! You're a whiz!

Thank you everyone for all your suggestions. My property is now listed on the following websites;

Zillow - (Hotpads and Trulia) Free

FurnishedFinder - $253.00 :( This is the only paid site. I don't know if I made a rookie mistake but I'll charge it to experience if ever. It looks like they only cater to traveling nurses and professionals so I do hope I get tenants from them first. My listing is still pending.

Zumper - Free  I like that they will post my rental on Facebook without telling my FB friends and family, my unit is available for rent. I really like their design. Cool to the eyes. 

Cozy.co - Free I like the simplicity of their website. 

Well, I guess, I have to wait and see now. I would need to be patient. My next move is to take more photos and 3D video this weekend to add to my listing.

I don't think I can do this without all your help. I appreciate all your leads. My stress level now went down. THANK YOU. 

@Grace Esteban FYI, I have used FurnishedFinder and they sent me a ton of leads, mostly traveling medical professionals. But there is a big difference renting to long term tenants (12 mos or more) and renting to short term tenants. Your traveling professionals are usually looking for 90 day stays or less and expect your unit to be fully furnished with free WIFI. So as a landlord, your expenses will be higher as you are furnishing the unit, paying all utilities including WIFI. But your monthly rent should be much higher than a 12 month tenant. Check other listings on FF and see what other units are getting in rent

I received numerous leads from furnished.com. I highly recommend this for short term rentals near hospitals. Unfortunately for me, my HOA prohibits rentals lower than 6 months. A real bummer and a hard lesson for me. The nurses only require max 3 months' stay at a time. I had to change my strategy. I am now using apartments.com and rentals.com. My challenge is, my unit is fully furnished. According to apartments.com analytics, 559 looked at my listing but not one inquiry. I guess people are searching for an unfurnished apartment? I called the company and told me to advertise on their corporatehousing.com website instead.
I hope this pandemic ends soon. I wouldn't have this problem otherwise (oops "challenge"). I'm not giving up.