Problems with tenants

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As the title suggests, I am having problems with my tenants. They have been late on paying rent every month since they have lived in my rental, (8 months) and are becoming rude and hard to get ahold of. This pandemic has not helped, they both lost their jobs for a month and 1 only just started working again. They have not paid rent for a total of 3 months (there is a Moratorium on evictions in my area) and are currently trying to get rent assistance. I have been calling almost everyday to get updated on the current status of the package for rent assistance and any payments that they can make now. I don't know if I should double down on calling, start showing up at their door on a regular basis, or what else I can do to get the back rent they owe. I'm worried about pissing them off though since they live in the house that I don't want destroyed...

Any suggestions on what I can be doing about this right now?

Follow the rules and try not to show up too much it isn't going to help.  The thing you have going for you is it seems like they are trying to get the money to pay you with rental assistance, you really don't want them giving up on that by bugging them all the time and them getting to the point where they're fed up with you.

You aren't going to get anything out of calling everyday. Once tenants go dark, they often stay that way and everyday is a little over the top,  you aren't telling them anything they don't know. Since you can't file for eviction I would make a notice of entry and say I would like to check on  the property and discuss with you your plans and how you are progressing with rental assistance. Check on things in general and stay calm and cool.   Have plans or a payment plan in mind when you go to see them. If they know they won't be able to make the rent in a mutually agreeable time discuss a move out plan. Right now I think you need to be lenient since you don't have eviction available and thus you can't get them out unless they agree.Some people are never gonna pay but those that want to pay and can't won't be helped by daily calls. 

All that said goes out the window if you have a threatening tenant. Then I would just stay away and send a written communication. you don't want to deal with someone when they get unhinged.